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Be Relaxed, Well and Happy

No matter where you’re starting from, Vipassana meditation will improve your wellbeing and help you to develop loving kindness towards yourself and others.

We look forward to meeting you.


The Technique

Seeing as it is

Discovered by Siddhartha Gautama in India 2500 years ago, 'Vipassana' means ''seeing as it is'' or "seeing clearly" and involves the observation of sensations as they arise naturally within the body.
With the insight that is developed from practicing the technique, improvements to mental and physical he
alth occur.
Whereas some Vipassana meditation centres may promote a particular religion, The Vipassana Centre does not.  The course is 100% practical without any rituals, praying, ceremonies or anything that might appear religious in any way.

Our Location

Peaceful, Calm & Accessible

The Vipassana Centre is a registered charity (number 1200600).

To be accessible to as many people as possible, our new centre, which opened in 2022, is located in the heart of London, near Regents Canal.


Our Story

20 Years & 7 Continents...

Jay spent 20 years practicing, studying and volunteering in Vipassana centres all over the world.  Eventually, he decided to come back to his home town to open a Yoga, Pilates & Meditation centre there with his French wife Emilie.

Emilie is the wellness manager responsible for the smooth running of the meditation retreats.  She is also an accomplished yoga teacher.  Ever since she met Jay on a retreat in France, yoga and meditation have become a way of life.

Our Method

A Personal Touch

We keep retreat sizes small so that we can give you the attention you need. 

We go at the pace that is right for you so that you become established in the technique.

More than that, you will learn how to incorporate it into your daily life for long lasting benefits.

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